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Karma Connection Yoga

andrea johnston

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Andrea Johnston has been connected to the developmental service sector for more than 25 years promoting community inclusion. She had a childhood filled with dance and gymnastics. In adulthood she discovered Yoga, began teaching in 2010 and has embraced natural and holistic approaches to life. By creating space for people of all abilities, Andrea invites us all to explore the endless possibilities Yoga has to offer through her classes and Yoga massage.




Peace. Love. Yoga.

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Allie Chisholm

Allie Chisholm-Smith, E-RYT, MES, has been teaching yoga for 25 years, teacher training for 18 years and a studio owner since 1999. Her classes range from restorative to vigorous and, no matter what level, will encourage you to come to peace within yourself by asking you to get to know yourself. Self-knowledge is the best preventative medicine we have as it leads us to right and appropriate action to create balance in our lives. Allie can be found on all podcast platforms, YouTube, social media and her classes are available by online subscriptions.


Muskoka Lakes Yoga
Annie Ihnatowycz

Annie Ihnatowycz

Annie was been teaching yoga since 2015, but her yoga journey started much earlier, in a high school drama room!  Since then, practicing yoga in unusual places has become her normal. Muskoka Lakes Yoga, Annie’s community-based yoga business, has seen her teaching in offices, churches, libraries, living rooms, on docks, in family drop-in programs, and more.  Annie believes yoga is for everyone, anywhere, and she is excited to see where she will roll out her mat next!

Leanne yoga picture

 Leanne Witt

Leanne Witt

500 RYT, Thai Massage Therapist, Breathing Coach, specialties in Warrior Training, Athletes Training, Mind/Body Women’s Health and Holistic Whole Body Health

Having over 30 years in the fitness and wellness environment, I have turned to yoga to combine my passion of helping others as a means of assisting them to lead an active lifestyle.

I began practicing yoga 15 years ago to provide a balance with my active lifestyle. Little did I know what would begin as a purely physical practice, would eventually become a much deeper journey in the ways that yoga can transform, restore and inspire us!

For me, yoga is a constant practice of awakening and being present to one’s true nature – a practice that is limitless in its teachings about the body, mind and spirit. It offers the possibility of finding more connection, more space, more openness, more stillness.

Through a warm, attentive and supportive environment, Leanne is committed to empowering students to explore their individual potential.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.



Martina at work


Martina Kruger

Yoga Teacher RYT 200hr

Martina Kruger has been teaching yoga since 2008 and brings to her class’s years of experience within yoga and mindfulness.  Before graduating with a major in French, Martina studied eastern philosophy and religion and began taking an interest in the practice of yoga and meditation. Since then, Martina has received her Yoga Teacher Training, in addition she has received her certificate of completion in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and completed several Vipassana Meditation courses. Martina has also completed her studies through Mindfulness Without Borders and is a Certified Facilitator of their12 week program on Mindfulness.  Martina’s experience with children as an Educational Assistance has enabled her to run several programs on yoga and mindfulness for kids.  Most currently, her work through Integra Young Warriors, a martial arts and mindfulness program for children.  Her work also extends to running several Professional Development workshops on the practice of mindfulness for colleagues of Trillium Lakelands District School Board.  Martina has years of experience teaching as a fitness instructor and brings some of those elements to her practice.  Her classes are well balanced between strength and surrender, softness, and edge, serious, and playful.   She incorporates many elements from her experiences to her classes.  Her demeanor is peaceful and inviting for everyone.

Amongst yoga Martina enjoys spending time with her family, her husband Shaun and two girls Ava and Claudia, and their new pup Mick.  She enjoys being outdoors, skiing, biking, boating, and camping.  Martina plays guitar with her friends and family and loves music.  Some of her favourite pastimes include cooking, reading a great book, and traveling on adventures.  She loves to laugh and is grateful to spend time with people who bring joy to her life.

Jen Trott

Certified Personal Trainer

Specialized in Pre/Postnatal Fitness

Jen Trott

I traded in my Corporate job in the GTA and moved to Muskoka 4 years ago with my family starting my own fitness business.  I love the beauty and nature that surrounds us in every season. I love being outside and incorporating outdoor workouts whenever the weather allows for it. It is so magical being able to move and breathe outside.

I’m a wife and a Mom of 2 little ones; girl of 5yrs and a boy 1.5yrs.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in Pre/Postnatal fitness.   I lead women-inspired fitness classes.  I believe women have such an important and often under-appreciated role in the home and always have so much on their plate.

Inspiring women is not only about empowering them, but empowering their children and partners as well to walk towards healthier, happier more inspired lives as a whole!

One of my favourite quotes and something I live by and make it my mission to help others achieve as well is this by Steve Maraboli,

“You were put on earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”


photo of Nicole

Nickie Savage




Nickie (Nicole) Savage

Nickie has always loved music and to dance.  She started belly dancing approximately 12 years ago when she was introduced to this fascinating dance from her friend and teacher, Joany Gauvreau from Feminicity.  In September 2018, Nickie successfully completed the Belly Dance from the Heart Method – Teacher Training Intensive program, Beginner Level.

Sometimes through hardships and challenges, women tend to forget how beautiful they are regardless of their looks, their size or their age.  Nickie has found self-acceptance and inner beauty and would now like to teach this creative dance to other women. Belly dancing is an expressive art of demonstrating the feminine side of each woman where their strength, beauty and creativity are shown through flowing, sinuous and staccato movements. It is a gathering and celebration of women dancing together and rediscovering their inner strength and beauty.

Happy dancing!




Dana Anderson




Dana Anderson


Dana has been practicing Chi Kung for 18 years. It became a passion for her in her early twenties and she immersed herself in the practice while learning under the direction of a Shaolin Master. She has also trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, Chinese Philosophy and some aspects of Chinese Medicine. She completed her instructor level in 2015 and has been teaching in the Muskoka area for the past 2 years. The most rewarding part of teaching for her is seeing her students enjoy the benefits and improve their quality of life.