Policies, Procedures and Processes

Gord and Diane

More Than Just Art.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

 To all of our customers and associates:

As we continue to grow and expand and our constantly changing environment we feel it is appropriate to provide our customers with general outlines of of our Policies and Procedures.  In addition we are supplying accessible forms in print format so you may easily print out or complete and provide us.

The information we are supplying is as follows.

1. Policies and Procedures for students and clients.

2. General Guidelines of Conduct for all while at More Than Just Art.

3. M.T.J.A. COVID-19 Protocol and PreCautions

4. COVID-19:  Governments provided  rules and regulations we are currently following.

5. Child’s Waiver form.

6. Adult Waiver form.

7. Registration Processes.


  General Guidelines of Conduct for all while at More Than Just Art.

The Centre will have, from time to time, scheduled activities, classes, workshops and private ses-sions conducive to quiet and calm. We ask you to be mindful of this, respecting the atmosphere of quiet and serenity throughout. There should also be an understanding that some events do create Noise (Drumming, Fitness Classes etc). You will be informed of the times of these activities for your scheduling BUT must have an understanding that this is shared space and complete sound proofing is near to impossible.
We welcome the presence and participation of children in activities and classes here. With this said, children may not be left unsupervised or unattended at any time. Each practitioner, facilitator is
responsible for ensuring this with their clients and students and class participants.
Both Adults and Children:
The Front Reception area is the only dedicated space for all persons waiting for an appointment and/or class. Please ensure that your clients are so aware.
Networking Area
Flyers, brochures, business cards and marketing materials must be approved by the Owner before being displayed. We will not entertain the display of materials promoting services and classes of persons not teaching or practicing at More Than Just Art.
Please Return the Space as you found it
Renters are responsible for maintaining spaces used in a clean, orderly condition. If you generate a significant volume of trash, you are responsible for removing it. Please report any dirt or untidiness left behind. If you moved furniture for your use, please restore it to its original arrangement. By being mindful of returning the space to its original state, everyone partners to maintain an environment that is pleasant and relaxed conducive to a serene atmosphere of learning and growth.
We do not permit the burning of candles. Please use battery operated candles or electric lights.
Incense and Smudging with Sacred Sage
We do take care that the Centre be scent free. We will smudge the Centre with Sacred Sage morn-ing and evening. During the day, we ask that everyone remain mindful of those clients and class par-ticipants who are sensitive to scents. Please bear in mind that there are many ways of clearing ener-gy. Burning of incense is not permitted without prior consent.

 M.T.J.A. COVID-19 Protocol and Pre-Cautions.


As we move forward, it is with your safety and well being first and foremost in mind.
You, your children and our Teachers are most important.

To protect the safety of all we are adhering to the
Ontario Ministry of Health Guidelines for Sports and Recreation.
We can only operate in a consistent manner by observing one set of guidelines and this one is priority.

A handwashing station is in place and it is required that everyone enter M.T.J.A use it.

Everyone has to sign in for Covid-19 Tracking.

Physical distancing of 6′ will be respected or masks are required.

Masks will be worn by facilitators when approaching students/clients.
 Students/clients are asked to wear masks when moving about and physical distancing cannot be maintained

 COVID-19:  Government provided  rules and regulations:

We are currently following under the section Sports and Recreation

Click on Link to View Ontario’s Ministry of Health Web Site for COVID-19 Web Site 

Click to view PDF outlining Ontario’s  COVID-19 Response Framework: . Framework

 Child’s Waiver Form

Click for Printable Form.

 Adult Waiver Form

Click for Printable Form.

 Registration Process

Class Registration process is made to be easy for everyone. If you are comfortable with computer applications  you may go Online and select the respective course you wish and follow the process. At the end you will be asked how you would like to pay. See details below: You may also call Gord or at 705-784-0380 or e-mail Gord directly at gordfinlayson@gmail.com.

Once a year you will be asked to sign a waiver form. These forms are displayed above. YOU may print one yourself and complete or come to our office and we will supply a printed copy.

Once a class has started the system will not allow you to register so call Gord to see if there is still room in the class.


Pay online with Pay-Pal using your Credit Card or Debit Card.

Pay at Studio: Would be Cash or Cheque.

E-transfer will go directly to More than Just Art and no passwords or codes required. (preferred method).

Pay Online: This will allow you to use PayPal using your Credit Card or Debit Card.

” Preferred methods of payment are Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer”

Refunds: No refunds will be given once activity begins. A $70.00 cancellation fee will be charged to any cancellations two weeks prior to activity commencement.