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Kids and Youth Art Programs are about exploring the expressive arts. The goal of our classes is to unleash the young artist within. How? By providing the tools by teaching various techniques and exposing various media; by providing time for practice and play in an encouraging atmosphere; and by providing opportunities to apply new skills in free time moments.

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Exploration, experimenting and play are key to our children’s development.  Tactile learning,  a chance to process, practice and apply various skills without fear of judgment is an important aspect of child development skills, creative thinking and expression.

Art is a tool which allows for such processing. It creates joy, promotes self worth and helps to develop self confidence.

All materials are supplied

ongoing art classes

  AFTER-SCHOOL  September to December 2019

Creative Art Journey Ages 6 – 12,

Instructor Diane Finlayson:

These classes are designed to peak interest, ask questions, learn  to solve design and layout challenges creatively.  We continue to learn and apply various skills and techniques in a variety of media.

At this time, encouraging the young artist to experiment and to develop a personal style is key.  Each of us has a personal signature…… is a great way to discover that!

IF CLASSES HAVE BEGUN. PLEASE CALL 705 784 0380 OR E-mail Gord at to see if spaces are still available.

 Tuesdays Afternoons 4:30 to 5:45 PM

Nov 5th to Dec 17th.                    (7 weeks)     Cost: $126.00 Plus HST.  Materials Included.

Jan 7th to Feb 25th.                    (8 weeks)     Cost: $144.00 Plus HST.  Materials Included.

  Cartooning  with Jenn Snowden

Art programs specifically designed for Youth and Teens

Ages 10 to 14++

Now Offering 2 Classes

Jennifer’s goal  is to really help to develop and free the imagination of her students through fun learning experiences.

Monday’s 4:00 to 5:30 – For Advanced Students (by invitation)

Learn how to apply shadowing techniques to your art and more in depth ways to draw the human body as well as backgrounds to enhance your art work.

Thursdays  4:00 to 5:30 – For Beginner to Intermediate Students

 Learn the basics of art in cartooning by understanding shape, shading, and planning to create art pieces.

***** ADVANCED CLASS *****

Nov 4th to Dec 16th                              (7 weeks)    Costs: $129.50 plus HST.   Materials Included.

( by invitation)

Class is now full. Thank you for your wonderful response.

Jan 6th to Feb 24th                   (7 weeks)    Costs: $129.50 plus HST.   Materials Included.

( by invitation)                                   No Class Family Day February 17th.

Even though classes have started there is space available. Please call 705-784-0380 or e-mail. Gord


Nov 7th to Dec 19th                               (7 weeks)    Costs: $129.50 plus HST.   Materials Included.

Class is Now Full. Thank you for the wonderful response.

Jan 9th to Feb 27th                              (8 weeks)    Costs: $148.00 plus HST.   Materials Included.

Even though classes have started there is space available. Please call 705-784-0380 or e-mail. Gord

Jennifer was recently interviewed by  the Huntsville Doppler. To learn more about Jenn please view this great interview complete with samples of her work.

Workshop Themes facilitated by Diane.

PA Day Activities


January 31st


NEXT 2020


Details Coming Soon.

January 31st 2020

Cost $35.00 + HST

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Contact Gord if you have any questions:

705-784-0380 or email

Dec 15th – Secret Santa  – Make Special gifts for giving.

Secret Santa

The Magic of Christmas is in the Giving!

Sunday December 15th 1:30 to 4:30 PM.

No Parents Allowed

Workshop for kids ONLY! Ages 7 to 12

 Make special gifts for holiday giving!

Wrap them up for secret keeping!

Materials will also be on hand to create ‘heirloom” decorations

$30.00 (Incl Tax)

To Register Click on the following or contact Gord at 705-784-080 or email