Energy Healing ; A Supportive Alternate Solution

As science begins to recognize metaphysical theories in healing, we are increasingly convinced that what we do not SEE or what we cannot PROVE may be more REAL and more powerful than what we once imagined.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” Shirley MacLaine

The Laws of the Universe are based on the premise that

  • Everything is Energy.
  • Like attracts Like.

So, we can conclude that we attract what we are energetically, who we are energetically is based on our beliefs and that our beliefs are expressed out to the world around us by how we think, how we feel, and how we act.

 Why Choose Energy Work?

  • We are beginning to understand that we are all connected.

The world is a huge mirror that reflects back to us everything we put out, everything that we are. What we see in others, exists within us.

  • We also recognize that energy is neutral.

Energy is not good or bad. However, there is energy which serves and energy which doesn’t serve and we recognize that energy directly affects our physical body, our emotional body and our mental body.

  • Every organ, tissue, gland, and cell in the body depend on a regular and supply of this energy in order to sustain life.

The body’s energy flow can become restricted or blocked by physical trauma, emotional trauma, surgery, disease, stress, or fear. Over time these energy blocks create dis-ease, emotional and mental disorder, and/or spiritual disconnection.

Energy work, the concentrated flow of vital life force energy, can

  • restore and maintain the body’s energy systems and support medical modalities
  • affect positively on the emotional and spiritual levels by unblocking negative energies

How do you know that you may benefit from Energy Work?

If you notice recurring

  • fatigue, weakness, or lack of vitality
  • chronic physical pains or illnesses
  • depression, anxiety, restlessness, emptiness, or panic
  • unresolved fears, nightmares, or interruptions to sleep
  • sudden changes in behavior or feelings you are not your usual self
  • feelings of being off balance, unfocused, ungrounded, or judgmental
  • survivor of a trauma
  • excessive thinking, excessive criticism of self/others
  • lack of emotional expression (suppression or repression of emotions)
  • excessive emotion and over-expression of emotions (over-dramatizing)
  • difficulty eating or overeating
  • indecision and confusion or attitudes seeking direction but remaining scattered
  • anything related to an individual’s flow of energy in any area of the mind and body ranging from the ability to sleep & relax – to the ability to move

 Everyday stress and life traumas create tears, holes and blocks in physical energetic bodies.

 Diane Finlayson practices and offers the healing modalities of

Reiki & Causal Realignment

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