1.   What is Causal Realignment………….

Causal Realignment is a gentle and powerful technique which removes stress from the body, quiets the mind to aid in releasing blocked energies.  It balances and harmonizes all of the energy bodies of the auric field.

“It is helpful to have the willingness to accept whatever is being expressed on the physical level, to look within our own consciousness to see what is being brought to our attention, and to see that whatever is occurring in our life is happening in order to come up to be healed”   –  Dr. David R. Hawkins

A realignment session focuses on the mind, body, spirit connection which is seen as one interdependent unit that must harmonize for good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.   A realignment brings the spiritual aspects of our life and higher development down into the lower auric fields, into the physical, so that we can manifest our spiritual and soul purpose on earth.

2. Causal Realignment, an Alternative Healing Treatment

Around our physical body and around the earth’s physical body are electro-magnetic layers we refer to as the Aura.   The alignment or realignment process brings the physical auric plane (physical, emotional and mental bodies), the astral plane (heart, throat, third eye) and the causal plane (crown) into perfect and harmonious alignment.  It is a process which aligns and harmonizes the lower energy bodies with the highest energy body, the causal or ‘ketheric template’. 

The Realignment occurs when a quartz crystal is held above a person’s body. Interaction between the earth’s aura and the persona’s aura begins to resonate through the crystal, spinning it in whatever direction it needs to move to align the aura and our chakras.

During the alignment, valuable personal information stored in the chakras and aura is often revealed to the client or practitioner, assisting with the client’s life situations growth as a whole.  The technique relaxes the body and the client’s mind to a deeper level providing greater rest. This allows the person’s energy to simply flow releasing blockages allowing an alignment/integration on all levels.

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