2022 Workshops 

The intention is to bring Artists, from beginners to experts together to Learn, Teach and Enjoy an event with people of common interest.

New workshops will be published as we enter the New Year. We will be adding many different activities from Candle Making, Painting with Ink, Life Drawing, Portraits and many more surprises to come. Artists are being recruited and new programs are being designed. If you do not see what you are looking for make a suggestion and we will see if we can make it happen.

 Workshops are listed in date order.

Workshops For January, 2022

January 11th, Painting with Wool. with Pam Carnochan

January 29th, FULL DAY Acrylics PAINT with HELANA

Watercolour with Wool. January 11th.

Pam at Work.

Starting Again. Re-Booting our Creativity

Watercolour with Wool  – with Pam Carnochan

This is an art technique that beginners and professionals

can all enjoy and is suitable for ages from 5 to 95.

Pam’s Watercolour with Wool Workshop allows anyone, the novice and the more experienced the opportunity to craft a picture using dyed wool she sheers from her sheep.

Using techniques similar to watercolour painting, the participant is invited to let the intuitive guide their experience while they use felting methods to create their art.

Pam’s art literally comes from the source being here own sheep. See photo’s below.

First you have to raise the sheep.

Next  there is a summer shearing,  where you wash & dye the wool.

Finally you relax and let the creativity flow.

Pam has done all the hardwork so you can come and Relax and Create

Tuesday Evening January 11, 2022.   7:00 to 9:00 PM

A minimum of 6 participants required.

Cost: $50.00 Tax and supplies all included

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Acrylic Workshop January 29th, 2022

Helena Renwick

This course is for the Avid Bold Painters

A minimum of 6 participants required.

Click below to see details and a material list of what to bring.


Saturday Jan 29th, 2022 9:00 am to 4:00 pm    (Bring a lunch)

$150.00 plus tax.

Limited to 10 people.