Our Wellness Facilitators and Practioners

Andrea Beatty

Transformational Coach, Reiki Master
Causal Realignment Practitioner and Teen Counsellor

Andrea Beatty is a transformational coach, Reiki Master, Causal Realignment practitioner and teen counsellor. She empowers you to shift blocks, develop healthy habits, and ultimately heal yourself in body, mind and spirit.

Andrea has many tools to help you grow into the person you wish to become. The energy treatments she offers are highly relaxing, can create symptom relief for health issues, give you more energy, and awaken your spirit. Through her keen intuition, education and experience, she can facilitate true, lasting change. As a certified holistic health coach, Andrea can help you love your body and have a healthy relationship to food, assist in getting ‘unstuck’, create choice and live the life you were meant to live.

Andrea continues to expand her knowledge and practice through studies in the holistic arts. She is a Reiki Master and a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (TTP). Andrea is a Certified Health Coach through Health Coach Institute. She is trained in Thought Freedom Technique- Algorithms  (TFT-ALGO) and is a Certified Causal Realignment Practitioner (Level 3).

Andrea has worked with youth for over 30 years in both residential and school settings helping with life skills, anxiety management, and overall well being.

15 Manominee Street, Unit 1A
Huntsville, Ontario P1H 1H2

“live the life you are meant to live.”

Claudette Chartrand

Claudette practised as a Registered Nurse for 32 years and, has for more than two decades, dedicated time to researching and studying various modalities in the holistic field. She can assist you in accessing your inner strengths, in a non judgmental and safe space. Her goal is always to assist you in discovery, healing and lighting your own path.

Cladette Photo

Claudette Chartrand

is a Reiki Master, Energy Medicine, and Conscious Core Transformation Practitioner.





Diane Finlayson

 Diane is a Teacher of Esoteric Principles, Reiki Master, and Etheric Healing Practitioner.  She is a qualified facilitator of Meditation and Mindfulness for Children and Adults.  Her ultimate goal in all healing practices and teachings is to make knowledge and process available to you, so that you may become empowered to integrate changes into your life, to learn how to self heal and to maintain a healthy life style balance.

Diane’s initial work experiences began in Early Childhood Education and spanned several years of management in the business arena.  Now, with over 40 years of experience in working with people of all ages, in various settings, and in various situations, she has a keen desire to facilitate empowerment allowing those with whom she works to reclaim their ‘life’ through a process of integration.  In everything she teaches, and in all healing therapy sessions, the mantra is ‘Learn (Discover), Process, Practice and Apply’ .

The body is an integral unit, Mind, Body and Spirit working together in perfect synchronicity.   How we maintain this perfect integration, how we nurture self on all levels and how we learn to navigate and integrate the balance in our daily life is a key element.

Diane continues to be a student of the greater mysteries of life, the esoteric principles and universal laws which govern us on every level.

She is a Reiki Master, Therapeutic touch Practitioner (TTP), and an Etheric Healing  Practitioner.

Meet Diane & Gord

Diane Finlayson

Reiki Master, Therapeutic touch Practitioner (TTP), and an Etheric Healing  Practitioner.



Valerie Pulkys-Dingman

Valerie’s life has been dedicated to understanding  how  the body, mind, emotions and our experiences create who we are as human beings and animals. She became a medical health professional in part because of her fascination with how the brain works. Valerie is a registered Speech Language Pathologist who has 30 years of experience dealing with both children’s and adults’ communication challenges.

She attended U.B.C. in the 1980’s, living and working in Vancouver BC, a place which provided a rich venue of exploration in both allopathic medicine and alternative means of healing. This in turn fueled her own personal spiritual quest and studies.

A serious back injury in 1991 that lasted 18 months but was healed instantaneously when working with a practitioner  who used energy and acupressure techniques,  triggered studying  energy healing in earnest. Valerie is certified in a number of energy and body work methods, as well as in systems that address mental/emotional facets, using techniques such as age-regression and re-patterning to heal trauma and negative beliefs.  These core beliefs can keep us repeating patterns of behaviours and staying stuck in emotions of fear, anger and sadness. Session work involves identifying and shifting limiting beliefs, and emotional, energy and/or physical releases, employing a variety of therapeutic techniques.

In 2013 Valerie completed a 2-year advanced shamanism program and practises and facilitates earth based ceremonies and journeys. She incorporates soul retrieval and other shamanic techniques into her client practise in the tradition of shamanic healers and as an adjunct to her own Earth-based spiritual practice.

Valerie’s Qualifications:

Reiki energy healing (Level II)

Polarity practitioner (Associate level)

The Results System practitioner (West Virginia Institute of Higher Healing, practitioner), includes muscle activated body alignments and acupressure

Conscious Core Transformation system -Belief System and Emotional Pattern re-programming (practitioner and instructor levels)

Animal Communication (level 2); Reiki and healing energy work with animals.

Advanced Shamanic Studies (The Edge at Algonquin, Ontario 2011-2013); member the Canadian Centre for Shamanic studies

Honours B.Sc. (Biological Sciences, Guelph U.)

M.Sc., (Speech Language Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, U.B.C.): registered member of the Ontario College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists, #2145

Valerie Pulkys- Dingman

Dingman Health & Communication Services 

Barry ‘BAZZA’ Hayward

Barry ‘BAZZA’ Hayward has been a musician and performer for over forty years. He also has more than twenty five years of experience in human resources management, and organizational and community development, as well as a respected reputation as a community animator and arts administrator. Barry is also the former host of “Breakin the Day” and “Musica del Mundo” on Hunters Bay Radio CKAR-FM 88.7 in Huntsville, and a former morning show host on CANOE FM – CKHA 100.9 in Haliburton.

Barry’s passion for hand-drumming and percussion is both infectious and inspirational! Through his company, RHYTHMICITY HUMAN DYNAMICS, he designs and delivers group drumming experiences and rhythm-based programs and events for fun, creative expression, health and wellness, personal growth, and professional development in organizations, workplaces, institutional/educational settings, and communities. Barry is increasingly involved with drumming for therapeutic applications and in working with groups and individuals dealing with issues like bullying, self-regulation and other behavioural problems, grief/trauma/loss, cognitive illness and other disabilities, and addiction and mental health challenges.

Barry is also a principal drummer with ABBEY NORTH DRUMMERS, who perform regularly in support of peace, justice, and a civil society.

Barry ‘BAZZA’ Hayward

If you would like to arrange an event with Barry please contact him directly at.