Art Classes – Kids, Youth and Teens

Kids and Youth Art Programs are about exploring the expressive arts. The goal of our classes is to unleash the young artist within. How? By providing the tools by teaching various techniques and exposing various media; by providing time for practice and play in an encouraging atmosphere; and by providing opportunities to apply new skills in free time moments.

Art Classes, Camps and Workshops


School & Summer



Baysville and Dwight Library




Exploration, experimenting and play are key to our children’s development.  Tactile learning,  a chance to process, practice and apply various skills without fear of judgment is an important aspect of child development skills, creative thinking and expression.  Art is a tool which allows for such processing.

It creates joy, promotes self worth and helps to develop self confidence.  All materials are supplied

ongoing art classes

SUMMER and AFTER-SCHOOL  Sept to Dec 2018

Creative Art Journey for Kids Ages 5 – 8.

Instructor Diane Finlayson:

Having fun inventing your own style while discovering new ways to create art.   In these classes children have time to apply skills taught, explore various applications and have the opportunity of using and experiencing a variety of media…we paint, draw, sculpt and most importantly use our imaginations!

IF CLASSES HAVE BEGUN. PLEASE CALL 705 784 0380 OR E-mail Diane at to see if spaces are still available.

Wednesday Afternoons  4:00 to 5:15 PM


Sept 19th to Oct 31st                         (7 weeks)    Cost  $122.50 Plus HST. Materials included.

Nov 7th to Dec 19th                          (7 weeks)      Cost  $122.50 Plus HST. Materials included.

Creative Art Journey Ages 9 – 12,

Instructor Diane Finlayson:

These classes are designed to peak interest, ask questions, learn  to solve design and layout challenges creatively.  We continue to learn and apply various skills and techniques in a variety of media.

At this time, encouraging the young artist to experiment and to develop a personal style is key.  Each of us has a personal signature…… is a great way to discover that!

IF CLASSES HAVE BEGUN. PLEASE CALL 705 784 0380 OR E-mail Diane at to see if spaces are still available.

 Tuesdays Afternoons 4:00 to 5:30 PM

Sept 18th to Oct 30st 2018                    (7 weeks)     Cost: $122.50 Plus HST.  Materials Included.

Nov 6th to Dec 18th 2018                    (7 weeks)     Cost: $122.50 Plus HST.  Materials Included.

  Cartooning  with Jenn Snowden

Art programs specifically designed for Youth and Teens

Jennifer was recently interviewed by  the Huntsville Doppler. To learn more about Jenn please view this great interview complete with samples of her work.

Even though classes have started there is space available. Please call 705-784-0380 or e-mail. Gord

Cartooning  with Jennifer Snowden

Jennifer’s goal  is to really help to develop and free the imagination of her students through fun learning experiences.

Students will be presented the basic skills to begin drawing their own cartoon characters and comics. They will learn the building blocks and receive step by step instruction on how make the most complicated drawing simple by understanding and knowing how to “ break down and plan”.  Students will learn and apply the tools learned  to help creativity soar with confidence! The aim is first and foremost to allow, encourage  and foster  kids using their imaginations to create original characters!

Monday Afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30 PM

July 9th to August 27th                                 (8 weeks)    Costs: $120.00 plus HST.   Materials Included.

Sept 17th to Oct 29th                                 (7 weeks)    Costs: $122.50 plus HST.   Materials Included.

Nov 5th to  Dec 17th                                (7 weeks)    Costs: $122.50 plus HST.   Materials Included.

Summer Workshops at the Libraries

Dwight Public Library

Tuesdays 10:00 to Noon

July 3rd, 17th 31st and Aug 7th and 28th

To Register: Contact Cathy Fairbairn at: or Call  705-635-3391

Cost: $15:00 per class (tax Incl)

Baysville Public Library

Weds: 10:30 to 12:30

July 4th, 18th and August 1st, 8th and 29th

To Register: Contact Lizann at or call 705-767-2361

Cost: $15:00 per class (tax incl)

Workshop Themes facilitated by Diane.

July 3rd and 4th:   Zoo…. OLOGY . Just like a day at the Zoo – Watercolour and mixed Media

July 17th and 18th   Crazy Watercolours – What happens when…? – Watercolour experiments with salt, lemon juice plus more.

July 31st and Aug 1st The Scream  – Mixed Media with Watercolour

Aug 7th and 8th Trees., Trees and More Trees. Standing alone in a forest – Drawing, painting, perspective & Watercolour.

Aug 28th and 29th. Bring in the Clowns – Drawing and acrylics on Canvas.


We’re very excited about hosting our 7th summer camp this year!
And most excited to offer the Art Camp experience extending now to include 4, week long camps …….  2 in July and 2  in August.

Ages 6 to 12  July 9th to 13th  or  August 20th to 24th 

Ages 7 to 13    July 23rd to 27th  or  August 13th to 17th

10% Discounts for Registration fees received before May 1st 2018. 

For additional family members  an added 10% discount on the 2nd or 3rd child.

Page Down For Details and Registration

Ages 6 to 12

Ages 6 – 12   Art, Yoga and Mindful Adventure Camp.

Facilitators: Diane Finlayson and Allison Bullen: See Bios in our Associate section of our web site.

Our days will be filled with a beautiful balance of inside and outside weather permitting, active and calm, creativity and mind. Mornings will be spent exploring and learning many art techniques applying them in a wide variety of media for creative expression and problem solving!

This summer we collaborate with Allison Bullen to give the children experience in movement and Yoga.  Afternoons will incorporate movement, mindful games, relaxation and play, nature art, herbal creations, and more! FUN for all!!!

July 9th to 13th. 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM $250.00 Plus HST

Sorry but this camp is now FULL.

August 20th to 24th  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM $250.00 Plus HST

Sorry but this camp is now FULL

Ages 7 to 13

Ages 7 – 13 . Creative Fine Arts, Drawing & Cartooning

Facilitators: Diane Finlayson and Jennifer Snowden.  See Bios in our Associate section of our web site.

This Camp features  Creative Art Projects in and out of studio.  The morning segment focused on fine art techniques, exploration of materials and media will be in and out of studio. Time for independent and free work is important for the development and application of skills in self expression projects. This in mind we will give the students as many creative, and problem solving opportunities and plein air outdoor art as weather permits!

This summer we collaborate with Jennifer Snowden, gifted cartoon artist, to give the children experience in drawing, creating and developing their own cartoon character.  Afternoons will be spent in Cartooning sessions with Jennifer leading the campers toward the creation of their cartoon strip; developed, drawn, illustrated and written.

Focus on building confidence, making friends and having fun while expressing creativity.

July 23rd to 27th. 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM $250.00 Plus HST


August 13th to 17th. 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM $250.00 Plus HST.